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Version Alpha 14 (24/04/2016)

Questions or updates - doomz@robertprest.com

About DoomZ

This is a a remake of DayZ but made in a superior engine in which zombies can't
just walk through walls

This is my first time making a doom wad for about 10 years, and my first time
using ACS, Decorate and Sbarinfo etc. I released this mid september and was really
suprised at the positive feedback and compliments - thanks so much!
If anyone wants to be a part in making this then they would be very welcome to
contribute. It still needs work with the textures,
adding guns, improving the map, or even creating new areas

So far Burktross has been helping by making a new shop, as well as
some truly fantastic Voxel models (check them out inside the church and store
Burktross' Voxels
As noted before, I have now moved this across to across to Gzdoom, and
we have prettier skies, dynamic lights, and much better looking buildings.
These can be seen on the mid-alpha on the downloads page, or you can wait for
Alpha 13 which has a driveable car. Hopefully we can look at gettong this
running in Zandronium as well, further down the line.

Current Features include: Day and night, UI, weighted spawn points, animals, fires and
cooking, water, refilling canteens, weapons, food, broken limbs, morphine, illness,
temperature, getting wet, rain, helicopter spawns, exploding petrol stations, night vision,
enterable buildings, smashable glass, reloadable weapons, throwable weapons,choppable trees,
openable lockers,multiplayer, and soon, a driveable car

Some screenshots of the latest version can be found Here


After a long long wait, here is the latest version of DoomZ - Alpha 14
The changelog is linked to on the previous page, as are the updates for
as are the credits for parts used.

The default buttons are "e" to open the intercom menu, w and s to go up and
down, and then space to use. For the inventory, click 'i', and then use [ and ]
to navigate the inventory. 'Enter' will discard the item and throw it on the floor

I strongly suggest that you use this version, but you need an official doom2.wad
that you then copy into the folder that this is extracted from:

The suggested version of alpha 14 is here

If, however, you don't have this, then go with the following version which uses the
freedoom graphics replacement wad, but messes up some of the sounds:

The standalone version of alpha 14 is here

Changelog / todo list for alpha 14 is here

A repository for old versions can be found here


Youtube video for Alpha 14 - apologies for the massive wait

Youtube video for Alpha 13 - it's finally done

Youtube video for Alpha 12h - the driveable car

Youtube video for Alpha 12e - Multiplayer

Youtube video for Alpha 12d

Youtube video for Gun testing and modding level (based off alpha11)

Youtube video for Alpha 11


For changelogs for 12 and before, check here!

For the changelog and to do list for alpha 14, check COMING SOON


The new resources file can be found here References file


I had to stop the forum due to the volume of spam, but there should be
another one coming with the new site - apologies for inconvenience etc

The team:

Diggedypomme (Superpomme)(Rob) - There's myself, original creator. I'm no
coder, and definitely no artist, but I figure that if you just keep slogging
at something for long enough, good things have to happen eventually...right?

The next person to help out is Burktross who has been making some awesome Voxels
(3d sprites) which can be found around the map, such as the pews in the church, the
destroyed tank, the lockers and tills in the stores, and the small store (currently
the best loot spot in the game). Check out his work over on the forum, here
Burktross' Voxels

And the latest addition to the team, Phil - my IRL friend who had helped descipher some
of my illeterate code earlier on, and has now joined and has been working with me on
getting the car and the menus working. A much better coder than I (he can actually
do loops and arrays and so much more that I still fail at)

As always, if you want to get involved, there is a forum over here: Getting Involved
Please message me first at diggedypomme @ doomz.co.uk to let me know, as I got
so much at
spam to it that I stopped th